about the ginger


Name: Katelyn Pauline Clift-Fabrie, kidding, it’s just Katelyn Pauline Fabrie but I almost hyphenated it, Colby.

Age: 26

Height: When I played college basketball they always said I was 5’7, which was a total and complete farce, but if they said 5’6 or 5’5 (probably my height) everyone would have laughed me off of the court.

Weight: nope


That hair. Nuff said.

Hometown: Kiowa, Oklahoma. A place so small small it doesn’t even have a stoplight or a Target.  I went to Kindergarten with the same people I graduated with, and at our graduation we were each able to stand for 5 minutes while our names, family history, and future plans were announced.

Our claim to fame is that the Reba McEntire graduated from my high school. They aired a special on CMT about Reba’s history and the entire town of Kiowa tuned in. When it came time for Reba to talk about her hometown, for us to get our one, glorious moment in the spotlight, Reba said she had grown up in Daisy, an even smaller town up the road that didn’t even have a high school.

It’s not like I’m bitter or anything.

Despite “the incident” I still love Reba, her music, and her red hair.

Partner: My husband Colby is a California dreamboat with bowed legs and the uncanny ability to always wake up on the right side of the bed. I’d take a bullet or eat a jar of black olives for him.  Both options are equally troubling.

Currently: I’m really happy with about 88% of my life decisions.

We take life seriously. You should too.

We take life seriously. You should too.

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